Vampire Killer
18 Mar 1994

One of the best things about the Akumajō Dracula series is that each game in interestingly tailored to suit the format it is hosted on.
For example, the SFC Akumajō Dracula (1991) is slow but looks and sounds great, the PCE Akumajō Dracula X (1993) cleverly hides its lack of power behind quick gameplay and cinematic set-pieces. Vampire Killer does the Mega Drive great justice with fast, edgy and meticulous arcade-style action platforming.
As such this game feels at odds with the usual Castlevania fare - veterans of the series may even feel a little disappointed at first, but dig deep and it turns out to be a top-class game.
There are 2 different characters and 6 stylish stages to get to grips with. Some stages offer a route split depending on what character you're using: John uses his whip to swing over voids, while Eric's 'charge jump' can launch him up onto high ledges.
It works: after a couple of games, Vampire Killer's qualities really shine through: it is a perfectly balanced action game, with enough quirks and surprises along the way to keep even the most jaded player interested.
Just give it a try in EXPERT mode - this is one of the most accomplished and challenging examples of the genre on the format - and that's saying something considering the MD's extensive action / platform library.



Akumajō Dracula X
Format Audio CD
Released 3 Nov 1993
Publisher King Records
Product ID KICA-7622~23
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 2.4
Weight (kg) 0.21
Double-CD soundtrack set that covers the complete BGM collections of:
- Akumajō Dracula X [PCE] (1993)
- Akumajō Dracula [X68000] (1993)
- Vampire Killer [MD] (1994)
Another nice selection, another very valuable Dracula item!

Double-CD case, 2 x Audio CDs, colour booklet, spine card.

Vampire Killer
Format Mega Drive
Released 18 Mar 1994
Publisher Konami
Product ID T-95043
Size (cm) 17.8 x 12.8 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.18
The only Mega Drive release of the Akumajō Dracula series has become one of the most expensive titles on the machine.
Rumour has it that there was only 50,000 or so of these made... Or was it less? Who knows. The only thing that matters at this stage is that it ain't cheap.

Standard MD case, 8Mbit cartridge, colour manual.


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