Strike Fighter

The main issue with Strike Fighter is that it is nothing more than a minimal upgrade of G-LOC (1990). The gameplay and cabinet (left) are identical.
Having said that, it's not a bad game by any means. Anyone who even vaguely enjoys After Burner (1987) will feel right at home here: the game is sharp and well-made, and the cabinet provides plenty of thrills and spills.


'After Burner III' is in fact nothing more than the home version of Strike Fighter for FM Towns and Mega-CD, renamed as a simple cash-in on the After Burner namesake. And if the arcade disappeared into obscurity relatively quickly, this below-par home conversion didn't fare much better.
It's a bit of a sad story, really. The arcade Strike Fighter managed to provide a few kicks here and there, but After Burner III feels completely watered-down and sterilized to such a degree that what little remains fails to raise any kind of tension whatsoever. It doesn't matter how hard you try to justify this game's appeal or even existence, it's just a sorry let-down in every way.
It also really didn't do the quality-starved Mega-CD format any favours in the 1992-1993 popularity polls. After Burner II was quite good on the Mega Drive, so tagging such a famous name on the end of this wet banger inevitably did Sega more damage than good: even the most tolerant and forgiving After Burner aficionado will walk away from this with a tear in the eye, and a heart full of hate.
Worth a look for curiosity's sake, and not much else.


After Burner III
Format FM Towns
Released ?
Publisher CRI
Product ID ?
Size (cm) ?
Weight (kg) ?

As always for FM Towns games, this is now really hard to come by complete in good condition. But then again you're not missing out on much.

Large PC-style packaging, Towns CD-Rom disc in single-CD casing, instruction manual.

After Burner III
Format Mega Drive
Released 18 Dec 1992
Publisher CRI
Product ID T-68014
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
It may not be anything special, yet for some reason this was strangely appealing in its day.
Then again you were never spoilt for choice on the Mega-CD.

CD case, Mega-CD CD-ROM disc, colour manual, spine card.


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