Street Fighter

30 Aug 1987

The original Street Fighter is a strange egg. Initially released as a dedicated cabinet equipped with two large pressure pads, the aim was to progress through the game by whacking these rubber pads at different strengths.
As you'd expect, most people just beat the shit out of it, Sonic Blast Man (1990) style. Story has it one player actually climbed up on top of the machine and drop kicked the bonus game (and control panel) into total and utter oblivion.
The game didn't need such mindless distractions anyway: re-launched as a six-button machine (3 punches, 3 kicks) it went on to become a worldwide smash hit.
And deservedly so: Street Fighter is one ruthless, edge-of-the-seat fighting game, circa 1987. It's Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985) on crack - a raw and unbridled challenge that immediately hooks you with its cut-throat gameplay and savage difficulty level. People were still trying to master this years down the line, even way after its blockbuster sequel Street Fighter II (1991) appeared.
So stay calm, and focus on your Kung Fu. The game's intense pace, detailed settings and memorable cast come together perfectly; and somehow still manage to deliver an exciting and challenging experience with a lot of impact.
A large part of the gameplay's mystique stems from its three hard-to-execute 'hidden techniques' (see 'Special Moves' below). These moves have since become part of gaming folklore, but here they form the very heart of the game's balance, charm, and endless replay value.
Make no mistake, it's all here: late-80s arcade iconicity, tons of retro kung fu appeal, and some truly intense & lightning-fast gameplay... all seasoned by a little magic.
The legend begins.



Art Gallery 1

A young and dedicated fighter, Ryu is Master Gouken's most promising student. He eagerly enters his first tournament.

A fallen monk and old friend of Master Gouken, Retsu was banned from Shaolin Temple for studying forbidden techniques.

A top-ranking American street fighter, notorious for his sharp left hook and 'Rolling Sobat' jump kick.

As China's most talented practitioner of 'Scorpion Style' Kung Fu, Lee strives for perfection.

A London street brawler and ex-wrestler, Birdie is itching to try out his 'Dashing Head Butt' in the street fighting ring.

Sagat's student and rival is a cocky, arrogant and wild fighter. He lets rip with a much more acrobatic style than his teacher.

A street fighting champion in the US, Ryu's friend and sparring partner is a crazy, grunge-loving wild boy who joins the fight for fun.

Not much is known about this mysterious ninja from Japan. He disappears right after the tournament, and is never seen again.

Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, banned from the ring for killing an opponent. Is this the same 'Mike Bison' from SFII?

A ruthless ex-assassin and world-renowned martial arts master. How can he possibly lose this tournament?

An ex-bouncer, hired by the British Secret Service to investigate the tournament. He just wants a shot at Sagat's title.

Titleholder Sagat is the current 'Emperor of Muay Thai'. He hosts the tournament to prove his strength and reputation.

Ha Dō Ken
Shō Ryu Ken
Tatsumaki Sempū Kyaku
For some reason, Ryu and Ken's special moves are VERY hard to execute in the original Street Fighter.
It's worth remembering that your character does not react to button pressings until the button has been released - so the best way to input a command is to:
(1) Hold the button (2) Input motion (3) Release button

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Art Gallery 3

Ignore all the god-awful home computer conversions of the period - the only worthwhile consumer version of the original Street Fighter is Hudson's 1988 PC Engine port.
Curiously renamed 'Fighting Street', it was one of two launch titles available for the CD-ROM² System add-on, and despite the inevitable graphical downgrade (and some sluggish loading times) it remains an excellent package.
Benefits include:
- Remixed score (the CD doubles up as a SF1 'Arrange' soundtrack)
- Bonus ending sequence (bottom right)
- Earn extra credits by clearing Bonus Stages
- Backup Memory (high scores can be saved)
- Easy Special Moves + Stage Select + 7 Credits:
Get a high score, and input ".SD" as your initials (look out for the . dot)
At the title screen, hold LEFT + I + II then press SELECT
If 'CREDIT 7' appears at the bottom of the screen, the trick has worked.
Starting the game opens the 'Stage Select', and during the game, press:
Forward + Select = fireball
Down-forward + Select = dragon punch
Away + Select = hurricane kick


Street Fighter

Format VHS
Released 21 May 1988
Publisher Pony Canyon
Product ID V35X1653
Size (cm) 19.5 x 11.5 x 3
Weight (kg) 0.32
Vintage 'Game Simulation Video' VHS tape from Pony Canyon, featuring approx. 20 minutes of gameplay footage of the original arcade Street Fighter.

White plastic video case, 20-min NTSC VHS tape, 2-page monochrome booklet [view].

Fighting Street

Format PC Engine
Released 4 Dec 1988
Publisher Hudson
Product ID HCD8002
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
The only official home conversion of Street Fighter appeared as a launch title for the PC Engine CD-ROM² System add-on.
It's quite a good version too, with an excellent CD soundtrack and a nice colour insert that unfolds into a 3x2 poster.
The high price comes from the fact that it is now VERY hard to find in good condition (with spine card).

CD case, PC Engine CD-ROM² disc, 3x2 fold-out poster / manual in cover sleeve, spine card.



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