Sonic Blast Man

Not really a video game as such, Sonic Blast Man is more of a tongue-in-cheek tribute to classic 'test your strength' fairground machines, presented as a spoof of japanese disaster movies and american super heroes.
The machine says it all: equipped with a large pressure pad and a boxing glove, all you have to do is insert a coin, select one of 5 different stages and unleash 3 punches.
Every B-move cliché is here: be it a low life street punk, mutant sea crab or asteroid heading for earth, only the power of your punch can save the day. Clearing a stage gets you a brief 'Thank You!' animation and... a game over screen.
That's it: there's no progression, no strategy, no nothing. You pay for the thrill and the simple pleasure of unleashing your own rendition of the 'Sonic Gigaton Punch!'. All a bit pointless you may think, but no - it's great fun.
Competing with friends, letting off steam after work, trying to impress a young lady after seeing a Leonardo DiCaprio movie... There can always be a very valid reason to drop a coin into a Sonic Blast Man machine and let rip.
The game's success saw a sequel named 'Real Puncher' appear in 1994, featuring a camera installed on the cabinet that takes pictures of players.
As you can imagine people had a lot 'fun' with the machine, causing themselves some serious injuries along the way. In March 1995 Taito America famously ended up paying $50,000 in damages to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, and withdraw a lot of machines.
The game's a classic, despite its dubious appeal. On one hand you have the deliciously corny art direction, and on the other one of the most distinctive arcade machines of all time. No 90s arcade was complete without a Sonic Blast Man machine clattering away in the background.



Sonic Blast Man
Format Super Famicom
Released 25 Sep 1992
Publisher Taito
Product ID SHVC-SK
Size (cm) 19 x 10.5 x 3
Weight (kg) 0.16
Taito's smash hit arcade game (sic) comes home in the form of an arcade action game; very much inspired by the SFC Final Fight (1989).
The arcade's events are included as bonus games between stages.

Standard SFC cardboard packaging, 8Mbit cartridge, colour booklet.


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