Shadow Dancer

Nov 1989



Master System ver.
Shortly after Shadow Dancer's arcade release, a Mega Drive conversion was announced in the gaming press, complete with screenshots resembling the arcade game.
But this version was never to be - the game that eventually appeared on the Mega Drive was Shadow Dancer The Secret of Shinobi (1990), a similar but completely different game with redesigned visuals and stages.
Released in Europe only in June 1991, the Master System Shadow Dancer is probably a simple recycling of this original Mega Drive project: it stays faithful to the arcade, but everything went horribly wrong: the collisions are awful, and the gameplay is jerky and nonsensical. Only 4 short stages are present.
Perhaps the developers tried too much given the hardware, but that's still no excuse.

Legend of Joe Musashi Shinobi Music Collection
レジェンド オブ ジョー・ムサシ SHINOBI 忍 ミュージックコレクション

Format Audio CD
Released 23 July 2009
Publisher Wave Master
Product ID WM-0626~9
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.13
Luxury Shinobi soundtrack collection featuring all the early releases of the series spread over 4 CDs:
Shinobi [Arcade] (01-11)
Shinobi [MkIII PSG] (12-20)
Shinobi [MkIII FM] (21-29)
Alex Kid in Shinobi World [Master] (30-43)
The Super Shinobi [MD] (01-19)
The Super Shinobi II [MD] (20-45)
The Super Shinobi II [Arrange] (01)
The GG Shinobi [GG] (02-19)
The GG Shinobi II [GG] (20-40)
The Cyber Shinobi [Master] (41-55)
Shadow Dancer [AC] (01-24)
Shadow Dancer [Master] (25-40)
Shadow Dancer [MD] (41-59)


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