Red Arremer II
17 July 1992

Gaming's most famous gargoyle, the 'Red Arremer', is back and this time it’s the evil King Breager who is in need of a good roasting. He's the only thing standing in Red’s way of becoming the legendary 'Red Blaze'.
Red Arremer II follows exactly the same premise as the first Red Arremer (1990): it presents a handful of enjoyable side-on action scenes held together by brief overhead RPG-style exploring and upgrading.
Thanks to the technological upgrade the overall impact has distinctively improved: the character’s jumping and flying is smoother and far more responsive, while the larger (colour) playfields make the action a lot more coherent.
A Game Boy version of the same game, known as 'Makaimura Gaiden - The Demon Darkness' was released a year later in 1993. The port is perfectly decent, but it strikes as almost identical to the 1990 Game Boy original. Out of the three it is easily the Famicom game that comes out trumps: it is a simple yet pleasant little action adventure title, that doesn't overstay its welcome.
A great series that will really mature in its final chapter, the SFC Demon’s Blazon (1994).



Red Arremer II
Format Famicom
Released 17 July 1992
Publisher Capcom
Product ID CAP-1L
Size (cm) 14 x 9.5 x 2.2
Weight (kg) 0.12
Excellent sequel to the Game Boy Red Arremer (1990). As you'd expect by the hardware upgrade the gameplay is much smoother, and the visuals much easier to handle.
A great game, really worth a try.

Standard FC cardboard packaging, 2Mbit cartridge, 42p colour booklet.

Makaimura Gaiden The Demon Darkness
魔界村外伝 ザ・デーモン・ダークネス
Format Game Boy
Released 16 Apr 1993
Publisher Capcom
Product ID DMG-RFJ
Size (cm) 10 x 9 x 2
Weight (kg) 0.06
Handheld version of Red Arremer II for the Game Boy.
Not as accessible (or playable) as the Famicom version, but it's still a nice little game, reminiscent of the original GB Red Arremer (1990).

Standard small-size GB packaging, 2Mbit cartridge, 32-page booklet.

Makaimura Gaiden Game Boy Hisshō Hō Special
魔界村外伝 ゲームボーイ必勝法スペシャル
Format Guide Book
Released 26 May 1993
Publisher Keibunsha
Product ID (no ISBN#)
Size (cm) 18.2 x 12.8 x 0.7 (B6)
Weight (kg) 0.12
Comprehensive 'Winning Technique Special' guide book for the Game Boy version or Red Arremer II.
Features complete stage layouts for the entire game, gameplay hints, illustrated monster gallery, items / weapons, etc.

80 pages, 32 in colour, Japanese.


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