Pyramid Magic


Pyramid Magic is an excellent little puzzle game from Sega, originally available exclusively on the 'MegaNet' download service.
The aim of the game is to guide a small character through a series of clever single-screen mazes, by moving blocks and locating the exit keys. It's not as easy as it sounds - the levels quickly get very tough, and the escape route is rarely an easy one.
The game was released in 4 episodic downloads (3 instalments and a rock-hard 'Special' edition) all of which were compiled into a single 'Complete' version for the Mega-CD 'Game no Kandume Vol.1'.
A fantastic puzzle game - highly recommended!

ピラミッドマジック II

ピラミッドマジック III

ピラミッドマジック Special

ピラミッドマジック 総集編
'Complete Collection' - available in 'Game no Kandume Vol.1'

Game no Kandume Vol.1
ゲームのかんづめ VOL.1

Format Mega Drive
Released 18 Mar 1994
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-6032
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 2
Weight (kg) 0.19
First in a set of two 'Sega Games Can' compilations for Mega-CD.
Features 8 titles previously available on the 'MegaNet' download service.
- Flicky (1984)
- Paddle Fighter (1991)
- Hyper Marbles (1991)
- Pyramid Magic (1991)
- Phantasy Star II Text Adv. Shilka
- Phantasy Star II Text Adv. Amia
- Phantasy Star II Text Adv. Huey
- Phantasy Star II Text Adv. Yushis

Mega-CD CD-ROM disc in tin can, clear plastic box, inlay.


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