Neutopia - Frey no Shō
ニュートピア フレイの章

Jazeta leads a hazy life. As an adventurer, there is very little to do in the land of Neutopia. For eons the place has been a haven of peace and prosperity, protected by the power of 8 sacred medallions. So he spends his days sitting on stools, downing rum, and playing with cocktail sticks.
But those days are old. An evil warlord named Dirth has stuck a spanner in Neutopia's works by stealing these 8 crystals, and plunging the land into chaos. So it’s a glassy-eyed Jazeta that has to set off to put things right, and it’s going to be tricky: not only does he have four large 'Sphere' worlds to explore, but he also has a lot of déja-vu to fend off. "Yes… I've been here before, I'm sure of it. Yes... Isn't this... Zelda (1986)? Damn, everything looks and feels exactly the same, but yet..."
Neutopia's inhabitants are all too aware of our hero's condition. Throughout the entire game, they always repeat the same messages: "There are 8 crystals. Follow your compass. You are our only hope. CAN YOU HEAR ME?"
Overhead swordplay, eight dungeons, bombs reveal hidden passageways... Everything is so familiar it makes your head spin. Forget it - must be the rum. Time to get to work, and spank this clown Dirth til kingdom come.
Neutopia may well be nothing more than a shameless Zelda clone, yet its slick visuals and super smooth gameplay do give it a charm all of its own. There is no harm in paying tribute - especially when things turn out this good.

Neutopia Frey no Shō
ニュートピア フレイの章
Format PC Engine
Released 17 Nov 1989
Publisher Hudson
Product ID HC89022
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Hudson go for broke and take a leaf straight out of the Zelda (1986) book, and create a very potent tome of their own.
Despite being a direct clone of Nintendo's classic, this is a great title.

Standard PCE case, 3Mbit HuCard, colour manual.





Location: Sea Sphere
Medallions: 5
Gold: 5000
Bombs: 38 (Bug)

Location: Sky Sphere
Medallions: 7
Gold: 9990
Bombs: 20

Location: Shrine / End
Medallions: 8
Gold: 9990
Bombs: 20


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