Makyō Densetsu

Kidnapping a medieval warrior's girlfriend has never been a good idea, and villains ought to realise this. The only thing that happens is that said warrior will get mighty pissed off, and go on a serious killing spree with his weapon of choice. Here the hero has opted to go for the mythical 'Legendary Axe'.
And who can blame him, because it's one hard-hitting head-banger of an item... A bar at the top of the screen determines the strength of the axe’s attack: the more you leave it to charge, the more lethal the strike. As the game progresses pick-ups extend the length of this bar, increasing the axe's power - and the charge time.
This gives way to some really precise gameplay. A 'Max Power' strike will rock the screen and pulverise enemies, whereas a miss leaves you not only endangered, but also seriously weakened. It's a great challenge, intuitively balanced and stylishly executed.
Clearly inspired by the excellent Rastan Saga (1987), Makyo Densetsu stood out as one of the better-looking productions of the PC Engine's early life. The backgrounds and characters are surprisingly meticulous for a 1988 release, and they went far in boosting the appeal of what is already a very tight and playable hack 'n slasher.
A pseudo-sequel, Ankoku Densetsu appeared in 1990 and follows the same concept and layout, but nowhere near as efficiently.
Extra continues = Hold I + SELECT and keep tapping LEFT at the 'Game Over' screen
Zone 5 exit route = 5E (Down) – 5I – 5J (Right) – 5K – 5L (Right) – 5M – 5N – 5O – 5P (Down) – 5Q (Down)

Makyō Densetsu
Format PC Engine
Released 23 Sep 1988
Publisher Victor
Product ID JC63001
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Smooth, solid and enjoyable arcade action game from Victor, a real highlight of the PC Engine's early career.

Standard PCE case, 2Mbit HuCard, monochrome booklet.


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