Madō Oh Granzört
魔動王 グランゾート

6 Apr 1990

Granzört was a much anticipated title: a massive 5 months had passed since the launch of the Supergrafx, and only one title had been released: Battle Ace (30 Nov 1989).
Based on the TV animation 'Demon Motion King Granzört' (1989-1990), the game is a remarkably slick platformer. The action is fast, the backgrounds are smooth and the gameplay is perfectly fluid. Seriously, it's got everything.
You can transform between three different characters at any time during play. Each robot - Granzört (Red), Winzert (Green) and Aquabeat (Blue) has its own weapon and sub-weapon, all of which have to be used throughout each stage. It's staple stuff: solid platforming skills will get you through this no sweat, and it’s worth it - there are some really nice moments as you dive deeper into the game.
Technically speaking, in 1990 this was a wonderful peak for consoles (Neo Geo excluded). The only problem is that no-one bought the Supergrafx, so the game got next to no exposure whatsoever.
A bizarre classic of sorts... Not quite enough to carry a format single-handedly, but a really solid game nonetheless.


Madō Oh Granzört
魔動王 グランゾート
Format SuperGrafx
Released 6 Apr 1990
Publisher Hudson
Product ID HC90029
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.11
Granzört is a criminally under-rated title. In its day it blew everything away and it plays really, really well.
Along with Aldynes (1991) this is some of the best original material the Supergrafx has to offer.

Cardboard sleeve, PCE case, 4Mbit HuCard, colour manual.


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