Fighter's History - Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!
ファイターズヒストリー 溝口危機一髪!!
17 Feb 1995

As the third (and final) game in Data East's Fighter's History series, 'Mizoguchi in Crisis!!' isn't so much of a full-on sequel than a Super Famicom exclusive 'remix' of the Neo Geo Fighter's History Dynamite (1994).
The game system is based directly on FHD - while indulging in a very large dose of Mizoguchi worship. Turns out that the zany Japanese fighter was so popular with players that he has an entire 'Story' mode dedicated to him here, with brief cut scenes squeezed in between each fight.
Also included are 'Versus', 'Survival' and 'Tag' modes; and a brilliant dedicated 'Practice Room' in which tons of training exercises are available for every character. Now a mainstay in almost all fighting games (as perfected in the PlayStation Street Fighter EX) the training mode makes one of its earliest appearances here - and as always it makes for a great way to get to grips with a specific character, or improve upon what you already know. Even FHD veterans might find out something that they didn't know: from basic tricks to expert combinations, everything is covered - even Mizoguchi's infinite.
The only real downside is an obvious technical backstep from the Neo Geo version: the game screen is severely windowed and the cast has been cut down from 13 characters down to a meagre 8. The addition of cut scenes, new backgrounds and the hero from Chelnov (1988) as a hidden 9th character are really nice touches, but they doesn't quite make up for the loss of Matlok, Samchay, Jean, Marstorius, and most surprisingly of all - Ray.
It's still a formidable SFC fighting game though, that just falls short of the '4-star' category. Maybe Data East should have gone all out by increasing the cartridge size from 24MB to 32MB, and fit everything in.

Fighter's History Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!
ファイターズヒストリー 溝口危機一髪!!
Format Super Famicom
Released 17 Feb 1995
Publisher Data East
Size (cm) 19 x 10.5 x 3
Weight (kg) 0.16
Mizoguchi is so damn cool that he gets his own game, a Super Famicom exclusive remix of Fighter's History Dynamite (1994).
A late but accomplished SFC fighting game, and a very sought after title in good condition!

Standard SFC cardboard packaging, 24Mbit cartridge, 32p colour booklet.


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