F1 Dream


Capcom's cutesy overhead racing game came as a massive breath of fresh air in the arcades of the late eighties. Surrounded by nothing but dark and moody titles, F1 Dream's easy and accessible gameplay, colorful circuits and catchy theme tune provided a very welcome alternative to the violence and grit of the other top releases of 1988.
The gameplay is near-identical to Nintendo's excellent Disk System game Famicom Grand Prix (1987), and it does play like a dream. The two-button 3-gear system is tricky to get used to at first, but eventually your attention will shift from the accelerating to the driving - and then you'll need all of your racing skills, because the game gets tough really quickly. The slightest error can make all the difference between glory and gloom.
Time and time again, developers would return to the overhead racing genre, shunning the '3D' rear-car perspective in favour of simplistic overhead racing (F1 Circus springs to mind as one of the best). It might seem like an odd decision in 1988, but when it worked as well as this, who can blame them?

NEC Avenue did a fantastic job in porting F1 Dream to the PC Engine in 1989. They provided a near-perfect replica of the arcade's Formula racing, and expanded the game for home use by adding more races, a password system, and an exclusive introductory 'City Race' league in which you face off against various punters in a double-or-nothing duel for cash money.
These funds can then be used to hire various mechanics, who will then upgrade your car throughout your city, F-3000 and F-1 careers. It's a great enhancement to an already brilliant game, and the Japanese text doesn't get in the way at all: blue mechanics are for engine upgrades, red for tires, yellow for suspension and white for 'body'.
An excellent title in its day, that still retains a remarkable amout of charm today.

F1 Dream
Format PC Engine
Released 25 Aug 1989
Publisher NEC Avenue
Product ID H54G-1005
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Classy port of the Capcom racing classic, that actually goes as far as improving on the arcade original.
A timeless PC Engine gem - it's hard to believe it remains so cheap!

Standard PCE case, 2Mbit HuCard, 2x2 fold-out colour booklet.


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