There isn't much left to say about F-Zero save the fact that it's brilliant. Along with Super Mario World (1990) this was the second half of the mammoth one-two punch that Nintendo delivered for the launch of the Super Famciom. To all extents, these two games embody the perfect launch lineup - a feat yet to be repeated.
Essentially a fast, no-nonsense futuristic racer, the game makes full use of the Super Famicom's 'Mode 7' rotation technology, creating a truly unique visual style and feel. If anything the game is almost too straightforward: press Start, select a ship, race 5 courses, and done. No storyline, no nick knacks, no ending, no nothing. In fact the game has such a lack of detail that it almost comes across as a demo, an undiluted 'Mode 7' showcase that just happens to play perfectly, despite some frustratingly stubborn and unshakable opposition during the last few races: any contact with a rival car will see your craft bounce all over the place while they barely sway off course.
Save that minor gripe this is a remarkably polished production. Fast, smooth and eternally enjoyable, F-Zero is a simple and timeless experience that still outshines all of its updates to this day.
Go Nintendo, go.

Format Super Famicom
Released 21 Nov 1990
Publisher Nintendo
Product ID SHVC-FZ
Size (cm) 19 x 10.5 x 3
Weight (kg) 0.16
Super-fast, super-slick, no holds barred futuristic racing game, one of Nintendo's greatest triumphs.

Standard SFC cardboard packaging, 4Mbit cartridge, 30-page colour booklet.

F-Zero Super Famicom Hisshō Hō Special
エフゼロ スーパーファミコン必勝法スペシャル
Format Guide Book
Released 14 Jan 1991
Publisher Keibunsha
Product ID ISBN4-7669-1344-2
Size (cm) 18.2 x 12.8 x 0.7 (B6)
Weight (kg) 0.10
Clear and simple 'Winning Technique Special' guide book that presents every pilot, machine and track, followed by a selection of 3D course layouts with advice on how to tackle every corner.

64 pages, colour and B&W, Japanese.


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