Chōtōryū Retsuden - Dino Land
超闘竜烈伝 ディノランド

Wolfteam's brash attempt an adventure-themed pinball game might have been more of a success if it wasn't for Devil Crash (1990). It's hard to compete when the finest pinball game of its generation is leering over you.
It's a typical Wolfteam effort: inventive, bizarre, passionate and raw; Dino Land might suffer from erratic ball movements but is full of nice touches. It even manages to improve on the usual 'Bonus Room' setup: while battling the boss you can transform the ball into your dinosaur self, in order to fend off a small meandering creature who repeatedly tries to snatch your loved one from the top of the screen.
Aside from that, nothing much here - move along. Dino Land's core problem lies in the fact that as a pinball game, you just can't get away with the ball movements making no sense at all. Oh well. In that sense I guess it's kinda like the real thing.


Chōtōryū Retsuden Dino Land
Format Mega Drive
Released 9 Aug 1991
Publisher Wolfteam
Product ID T-32043
Size (cm) 17.8 x 12.8 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.18
Colourful and quirky pinball game for the Mega Drive. Full of good ideas, but poorly implemented.
Standard Wolfteam business.

Standard MD case, 4Mbit cartridge, colour manual.


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