Crossed Swords

25 July 1991

The kingdom of Belkana has been peaceful since the defeat of the monster Nausizz. But the evil warlord has been busy recruiting all the creatures of the underworld into his army. Once again he is ready to re-claim the throne and wreak havoc across the land... Our story begins as two traveling knights wander into Belkana looking for food and shelter. Unaware of their fate, they engage these strange monsters...
Crossed Swords isn't your archetypal arcade game. While the gameplay is nothing new - many will instantly recall The Super Spy (1990) and of course Dynamite Duke (1989) - it's the medieval setting and a compelling RPG / item / money element that make the difference.
It's an excellent concept: the game is colourful, well presented and ingeniously designed. The difficulty steadily increases as your weapons, gold and EXP points accumulate; and the atmosphere really draws you in.
The only issue is that the entire gameplay revolves around the single ability to react to opponents striking either high or low - within a split-second. If you can master this successfully, fine: you will become engrossed in a rich and unique adventure, all the way through to stage 5 or so.
But then beware: after that the enemy attack speed becomes so fast that you have to be an absolute LEGEND to react in time... By chapter 6 or 7 it gets downright ridiculous. Can this actually be done?
Hard to say... Regardless the game scores full marks in the originality, atmosphere, and "item management" stakes. All these features will re-appear in the CD-only sequel Crossed Swords II (1995), that features a vastly improved game engine and a much more forgiving difficulty setting.
Maybe to to everybody's taste, but an interesting game nonetheless.



Crossed Swords

Format Neo Geo
Released 1 Oct 1991
Publisher ADK
Product ID NGH-037
Size (cm) 22 x 16.5 x 4
Weight (kg) 0.70
Neo Geo ROM release of ADK's oddball medieval slasher.
A very weird (and amazingly difficult) game, but also one of a kind.

Soft case Neo Geo packaging, 50Mbit cartridge, monochrome booklet.

Crossed Swords - Sengoku Densyō

Format Audio CD
Released 21 Nov 1991
Publisher Pony Canyon
Product ID PCCB-00076
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
2-in-1 Neo Geo soundtrack release featuring the BGM collections of both:
- Crossed Swords (1991)
- Sengoku Densyo (1991)
Includes a reversible booklet featuring both games' cover art.
View [back] for tracklisting.

CD case, 20-track audio CD, 4-page monochrome booklet, spine card.

Crossed Swords

Format Neo Geo CD
Released 31 Oct 1994
Publisher ADK
Product ID ADCD-002
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
The Neo Geo CD Crossed Swords is faithful to the cartridge, and throws in an enhanced CD soundtrack.
Also, the japanese spelling of the title has changed:
from クロスソード [Kurosu Sōdo]
to クロススウォード [Kurosu Sūōdo]

'Neo Geo' stamped CD case, Neo Geo CD disc, booklet, spine card.


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