Castle of Illusion / Fushigi no Oshiro Daibōken
キャッスル・イリュージョン / ふしぎのお城大冒険

21 Nov 1990

Back in the Mega Drive's early days, there really wasn't much going on in the platform stakes. Alex Kidd Tenkū Majō (1989) had been and gone, and aside from an excellent port of Capcom's Daimakaimura (Aug 1989) there wasn't much to choose from until the arrival of Sonic (1991).
Well, not much except for 'Mystery Castle Great Adventure' - a smooth, stylish, and immediately accessible action platform game featuring Mickey Mouse. It's all here: the characters, backdrops and set-pieces are meticulous and colourful, each level is beautifully staged, and the musical score is enchanting and memorable.
The game sees Mickey work his way through a mysterious mansion full of different rooms, jumping on enemies to defeat them. 6 bizarre dimensions await: haunted forests, toy rooms gone mad, giant cups of coffee...
The layout may seem a little basic and slow-paced at times, but cranked up in 'Hard' mode it's a good challenge: you start off with only 2 units of energy, and power-ups are scarce.
Castle of Illusion remains surprisingly fun considering its age. It has a distinct simplicity and 'artisan' feel that allows it to keep a very immediate appeal; more so than its two follow-ups QuackShot (1991) and World of Illusion (1992).




I Love Mickey Mouse Fushigi no Oshiro Daibōken
アイラブミッキーマウス ふしぎのお城大冒険

Format Mega Drive
Released 21 Nov 1990
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-4042
Size (cm) 17.8 x 12.8 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.18
Beautiful little platformer full of flair and charm, with excellent replay value and a catchy soundtrack.
Great fun even if you don't love Mickey Mouse.

Standard MD packaging, 4Mbit cartridge, colour manual.

Mickey Mouse no Castle Illusion
ミッキーマウスの キャッスル・イリュージョン

Format Game Gear
Released 23 Mar 1991
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-3301
Size (cm) 11 x 9.5 x 2
Weight (kg) 0.08
Downsized Game Gear version with simplified visuals and stages, but still plenty to offer.
One of the earliest platform games for the Game Gear, and one of the best.

Standard GG cardboard packaging, 2Mbit cartridge, colour booklet.

I Love Mickey Mouse Fushigi no Oshiro Daibōken
I Love Donald Duck Georgia Oh no Hihō

アイラブミッキーマウス ふしぎのお城大冒険
アイラブドナルドダック グルジア王の秘宝
Format Sega Saturn
Released 15 Oct 1998
Publisher Sega
Product ID GS-9179
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Special re-issue of Sega's first two Disney platformers for the MD:
- Castle of Illusion (1990)
- QuackShot (1991)
Marks the 13th and final release of the Sega Saturn Sega Ages series.

CD case, Sega Saturn CD-ROM disc, colour booklet, spine card.


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