7 Feb 1992


If there is one thing that the PC Engine CD-ROM² has always excelled at, it is presentation. Time and time again the format succeeded in transforming a technically handicapped game into a surprisingly immersive experience.
Browning is one of the best examples of this: it has three super-slick introduction sequences, mechanical designs by K. Fujita (Gundam), a top-quality soundtrack, and some of the best sound effects the hardware has ever produced.
The playability is okay too, if you enjoy this kind of mech-based action. The 'X-BR Browning' is clunky but responsive, and once you get to grips with the controls the game plays well, in a Veigues (1988) and Assault Suit Leynos (1990) kind of way.
The problem is that Browning is over in 20 minutes. It only has five levels - and five very short levels at that. The last one is tricky though; and you'll find yourself hitting the 'Continue' button much more than you'd expect.
Come on Telenet. If this had a little more work put into it, it could have been something really special. All it needs is a few more levels, weapons, menus, anything - because as it stands it's just not there. Close, but not quite.
It's still a great blast and a damn cool package - whose envelope far surpasses its contents.





Format PC Engine
Released 7 Feb 1992
Publisher Telenet
Product ID TJCD1020
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Impressive but criminally under-worked mech action game from Telenet.
It's still worth a look though, it isn't too expensive.

CD case, PC Engine Super CD-ROM²
disc, 12p colour manual, spine card.


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