Narazumono Sentō Butai - Bloody Wolf
ならず者戦闘部隊 ブラッディ・ウルフ


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Never judge a game by its cover.
Despite boasting one of the most shameless Asian cinema-stlye 'Arnie and Sly' bootleg posters, Data East's 'Rogue Combat Squad - Bloody Wolf' is really worth a look.
It's a classy run and gun action game in every respect. The arcade version was a polished action game for two players, but sadly it rarely appeared in arcades and didnt get much exposure. It was the excellent PC Engine version that cemented the game's reputation: Data East's conversion is near perfect, and it remains one of the machine's best arcade / action titles.
The game firmly follows the Senjo no Ōkami (1985) 'Commando' template, while the visuals are strangely reminiscent of the original Metal Gear (1987): the layout, characters, enemies and hostages look almost identical... The main difference is that here the game doesn't involve sneaking around unnoticed, but maiming everything is sight.
What makes Bloody Wolf stand out is that it throws in tons of nice original touches: different items to collect, hidden rooms to discover, a very useful jump and a close-range knife attack very reminiscent of Metal Slug (1996) and its sequels.
The PC Engine version gets full marks for replicating the overall feel of the arcade, despite loosing the 2P mode. It makes wonderful amends by ironing out the gameplay, improving the soundtrack and (unfortunately) removing the Arnold lookalike from the cover art.
In all it's a crude but classy example of the overhead action genre, one of the better 'Commando' type games of the late 80s.



PC Engine

Narazumono Sentō Butai Bloody Wolf
ならず者戦闘部隊 ブラッディウルフ
Format PC Engine
Released 1 Sep 1989
Publisher Data East
Product ID DE89003
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Brilliant PC Engine conversion of the Data East arcade warfest.
A great moment of the Engine's early career and a very enjoyable title.

Standard PCE case, 4Mbit HuCard, monochrome manual.


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