Baseball Star - Mezase Sankanō
ベースボールスター めざせ三冠王
19 May 1989

Developed exclusively for the Famicom, Baseball Star is a classy sports game that became a massive hit in the USA.
Following the success of Jaleco's Moero! Pro Yakyū (1987) (better known in the US as Bases Loaded) SNK's baseball game was the first in which you could buy, re-name and trade players; upgrade them at will with $ earned from victorious games then save all of your hard grind thanks to the battery backup feature.
All this may seem a little dumb in the short term, but it's a serious matter: in the game of baseball numbers and stats are very important, and never before did the game save them all.
This very welcome detail adds a phenomenal amount of appeal to what is already a solid arcade-style baseball game. Nuture and alter your team throughout an entire season, and pick all of your hard work up the next time you play.
Vintage sports action right here. Baseball games are always well received in the US, and SNK were clever to step in and steal the show. It may have aged, but it remains the best baseball game of its era.
It also serves as an interesting precursor to the Neo Geo's landmark baseball game series:
- Baseball Stars Professional (1990)
- 2020 Super Baseball (1991)
- Baseball Stars 2 (1992)


Baseball Star Mezase Sankanō
ベースボールスター めざせ三冠王
Format Famicom
Released 19 May 1989
Publisher SNK
Product ID SFX-B9
Size (cm) 14 x 9.5 x 2
Weight (kg) 0.12
Classic baseball action from them good old boys at SNK.
Hugely popular in the States, and the beginnings of SNK's long-lasting love affair with Baseball.

Standard FC packaging, 2Mbit cartridge, monochrome booklet.

Baseball Star Kanzen Kōryaku Technique Book
ベースボールスター 完全攻略テクニックブック
Format Guide Book
Released 30 May 1989
Publisher Tokuma
Product ID ISBN4-88658-173-0
Size (cm) 17.3 x 10.6 x 0.7
Weight (kg) 0.10
Vintage 'Complete Capture Technique Book' for SNK's popular Famicom baseball game.
Features gameplay hints, stat lowdowns, player data for every team, and blank pages on which to note your own.

64 pages, full colour, Japanese.


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