Ankoku Densetsu
7 Sep 1990

Ankoku Densetsu ('Dark Legend') is widely considered to be the follow-up to the PC Engine classic Makyo Densetsu (1988) ('The Legendary Axe').
But isn't really isn't clear if it has anything to do with it at all: this time the game was co-developed by Atlus and Red; while the main character, gameplay and overall visual style have little in common.
The main culprits were NEC USA: for the game's US release, after indulging in their usual practice of changing the cover art to the ugliest image they could possibly find, they went on to release the game as 'Legendary Axe II' in a drab attempt at cashing in on the Stateside success of the original. Truth is, if you actually you play them both it's hard to see any concrete releationship between the two.
Yet Dark Legend is not a half-bad PC Engine game taken as is. It's certainly a solid weapon-based action platform game - a mix of Rastan Saga (1987) and Argos no Senshi (1986) that offers its fair share of smooth action / platform moments for any fan of the genre.
Just don't expect anything legendary.



Ankoku Densetsu
Format PC Engine
Released 7 Sep 1990
Publisher Victor
Product ID JC63007
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Quality action / platform production for the PC Engine, with good music and sizable enemies.
A decent game; but it doesn't quite make the grade of a classic.

Standard PCE case, 2Mbit HuCard, monochrome booklet.


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