Andro Dunos

15 June 1992

Andro Dunos has taken a lot of flak over the years. The main reason for this is that despite running on Neo Geo hardware, it's really nothing special. In fact it's a long way from from being a jaw-dropping visual extravaganza.
With great power comes great responsibility: at 34 Mega this is one of the smallest Neo Geo titles in terms of raw size. In the gameplay stakes it feels distinctively 'retro' - a lot more like a late 80s game than a mid-1992 release. Think Ordyne (1988) meets Zero Wing (1989).
If you take a step back though, it's not a bad game at all. It's quite good even, like a turbo-charged Hellfire (1989) with even more weapons. So in a way it feels a little unfair that the only criticism you could level against it is that it makes no effort whatsoever in making the most of the Neo Geo's capabilities. It just doesn't care. It keeps it real.
Can't complain. The Neo Geo is by definition a very expensive format, so if you put aside its price what we have is a perfectly acceptable 2-player shooting game that has kept a lot of appeal over the years.
It's not a patch on the Neo Geo's better shooting games like ASO II (1991) or Last Resort (1992) but it's still a good laugh, especially as a 2-player game. It's certainly better than the dreary Ghost Pilots (1991).
By 1994 the game had sunk into such obscurity that it missed out completely on a Neo Geo CD re-release. Ironically this lead to renewed interest in the game, suddenly re-born as a "Neo Geo ROM exclusive" now worth over $400.
Funny how things work out.



Andro Dunos

Format Neo Geo
Released 17 July 1992
Publisher SNK
Product ID NGH-049
Size (cm) 22 x 17 x 4
Weight (kg) 0.70
Fun, crisp and relatively harmless 2P shooting game from Visco.
Not available on Neo Geo CD, and now a very expensive ROM release!

Soft-case Neo Geo packaging, 34Mbit cartridge, monochrome booklet.


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