Alex Kidd Tenkū Majō
アレックスキッド 天空魔城
10 Feb 1989

Alex Kidd's first 16-bit outing was unexpectedly delayed from the the Mega Drive's October 1988 launch. When the game finally appeared in February 1989, the excitement was matched only by the game's lack of ambition.
Alex's previous 8-bit adventures were tough, crisp, 'unforgiving but fair' action / platform games that saw the jumpsuited boy become nothing less than the company mascot, erratically spearheading Sega's consumer range throughout the latter half of the 80s.
All of the basic Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986) ingredients are here: surreal cartoon environments, meticulously timed jumps, precision attacks and a vast array of gadgets and equipment, including a new 'fireball' item. But the final product just hasn't had enough effort put into it, and ends up feeling like a tired re-hash of a bygone product - an 8-bit legend inadvertently imprisoned in a 16-bit cell.
It wasn't a bad game for its time - it just feels a bit bland compared to other MD classics of the period like Daimakaimura (Aug 1989) and Castle of Illusion (Nov 1990).
By the time Sonic (June 1991) hit, Alex was dead and buried. A shame really, because the traditional Alex Kidd gameplay really could have worked if the structure had a little more effort put into it. As it stands it's just lazy - and a sad funeral for a character that was once a sturdy player in the field.
So long, son of Odin. You will be missed.




Alex Kidd Tenkū Majō
アレックスキッド 天空魔城
Format Mega Drive
Released 10 Feb 1989
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-4004
Size (cm) 17.8 x 12.8 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.18
Although it might look like your average Mega Drive game, this is in fact a miniature coffin. If you look inside, you will find Alex Kidd's very soul, sound asleep.

Standard MD case, 2Mbit cartridge, colour booklet.

Alex Kidd Complete Album
アレックスキッド コンプリートアルバム

Format Audio CD
Released 14 Aug 2009
Publisher Wave Master
Product ID WM-0632~3
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
2-CD compilation from Wave Master, covering the entire Alex Kidd series:
01-11 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World [Mk III]
12-21 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [MkIII PSG]
22-31 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [MkIII FM]
32-38 - Alex Kidd BMX Trial [MkIII PSG]
39-45 - Alex Kidd BMX Trial [MkIII FM]
45-50 - Pit Pot [Mk III]

01-09 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [Arcade]
10-27 - Alex Kidd Tenku Majo [Mega Drive]
28-39 - Alex Kidd High-Tech World [Master]
40-53 - Alex Kidd in Shinobi World [Master]

Double tray CD case, 2 x audio CD (53:34 & 61:06), booklet, spine.


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