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The curious thing about Alex Kidd is that although Sega kept pushing the character as their mascot and direct competitor to Nintendo's Mario, most games featuring the character just weren't that good.
Truth is, while the original Miracle World (Nov 1986) and the arcade Lost Stars (Dec 1986) are perfectly decent platform games, neither of them broke any real ground.
The disappointing Alex Kidd Tenkū Majō (Feb 1989) made things worse, spelling the imminent end of Sega's jumpsuited under-achiever... Yet Alex had the last laugh: Shinobi World may well be his hour of glory.
Originally developed as a direct spoof of Shinobi (1987) called 'Shinobi Kid', the game ended up being re-worked into a cutesy mash-up featuring Alex Kidd, unreleased in Japan: by 1990 the Mark III was all but discontinued while the international Master System market was still strong.
Funny thing is the game is quite good - it cleverly blends classic Alex Kidd gameplay with a touch of Shinobi iconicity, and the pace and feel of the game are just right.
It came out a bit late, that's all. If this appeared a couple of years earlier, Alex's career might've taken a different turn.



Legend of Joe Musashi Shinobi Music Collection
レジェンド オブ ジョー・ムサシ SHINOBI 忍 ミュージックコレクション

Format Audio CD
Released 23 July 2009
Publisher Wave Master
Product ID WM-0626~9
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.13
Luxury Shinobi soundtrack collection featuring all the early releases of the series spread over 4 CDs:
Shinobi [Arcade] (01-11)
Shinobi [MkIII PSG] (12-20)
Shinobi [MkIII FM] (21-29)
Alex Kid in Shinobi World [Master] (30-43)
The Super Shinobi [MD] (01-19)
The Super Shinobi II [MD] (20-45)
The Super Shinobi II [Arrange] (01)
The GG Shinobi [GG] (02-19)
The GG Shinobi II [GG] (20-40)
The Cyber Shinobi [Master] (41-55)
Shadow Dancer [AC] (01-24)
Shadow Dancer [Master] (25-40)
Shadow Dancer [MD] (41-59)

Alex Kidd Complete Album
アレックスキッド コンプリートアルバム

Format Audio CD
Released 14 Aug 2009
Publisher Wave Master
Product ID WM-0632~3
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
2-CD compilation from Wave Master, covering the entire Alex Kidd series:
01-11 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World [Mk III]
12-21 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [MkIII PSG]
22-31 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [MkIII FM]
32-38 - Alex Kidd BMX Trial [MkIII PSG]
39-45 - Alex Kidd BMX Trial [MkIII FM]
45-50 - Pit Pot [Mk III]

01-09 - Alex Kidd The Lost Stars [Arcade]
10-27 - Alex Kidd Tenku Majo [Mega Drive]
28-39 - Alex Kidd High-Tech World [Master]
40-53 - Alex Kidd in Shinobi World [Master]

Double tray CD case, 2 x audio CD (53:34 & 61:06), booklet, spine.


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