29 Feb 1988

Aleste is a shooting game landmark. Also, in terms of home video gaming it was a technical tour de force; a masterpiece that immediately set a standard and started one of the most respected shooting game series of all time.
This game is just too goddamn fast for wise and considered reflection. Wave after wave of enemy craft rain down the screen at all times, and there are very few safe spots except for a constant trickle of power-ups that when collected, grant a split-second of invincibility. The trick is to weave your way through the carnage by strategically using pick-ups to escape corner traps.
It's not as easy as it sounds, but after a few tries it starts making complete sense and becomes surprisingly addictive. But get this: the second you start powering up and doing well, the game algorithm automatically increases the difficulty level. Amazing... This is the next level of the Star Soldier (1986) formula - all you gotta do is keep up with the pace, and get into the flow.
The game was first released on Sega Mark III in Feb 1988, followed by a slightly enhanced MSX2 version in July 1988 featuring an illustrated 'Prologue' and 2 extra stages (bringing the level count up to 8). The Western Master System version, (released as 'Power Strike') was also hugely popular.
Aleste is undeniably an A-class title. It could be criticized for being slightly overlong and a little repetitive, but it's all part of the experience: endurance and good reactions are key since the hike in difficulty is achieved through the A.I.'s ever-increasing speed, not pre-set enemy patterns.
The Mark III and MSX2 are perfectly suited to this kind of action, and Compile are the best in the business.



Mark III / Master System


Format Sega Mark III
Released 29 Feb 1988
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-1352
Size (cm) 14 x 10 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.12
Masterful shooting game from Compile and Sega, hands down one of the best of its era.
A Mark III / Master System classic!

Standard 'Gold Cartridge' packaging, 1Mbit cartridge, monochrome booklet.

Format MSX
Released July 1988
Publisher Compile
Product ID ?
Size (cm) ?
Weight (kg) ?
Compile's release of Aleste for MSX2.
Brilliant, legendary, and super-hard to find in good condition!

Cardboard PC-Style packaging, 2Mbit cartridge, monochrome manual.


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