22 Feb 1991

Given how few dedicated Supergrafx games were released, you'd be tempted to assume that the machine was nothing but a hoax. But that would be wrong - its legacy lives on, mainly because all five dedicated SG games are quite good; giving the ill-fated machine's story a rather sad twist.
Of the three original productions on the format, Hudson's Aldynes deserves the biggest mention. It's a crisp, smooth and stylish horizontal shooting game that blends innovative gameplay with clever set pieces and visual effects.
It plays like a mix between R-Type (1987) and Gradius (1985) with a healthy dose of originality. The 'SDE-201' responds perfectly through the industrial and mecha-organic backdrops; the sub-weapons ('Charge Shield' and 'Shuttles') are really well designed, giving the game its own signature style and feel. The end-of-level bosses are really well staged, too: there is a genuine climactic feeling of relief when each one of them finally blows up.
Aldynes is a heavily recommended title. Not just as another PC Engine curio, but a top-class shooting game in every respect, up there as one of the best of its era.



Format SuperGrafx
Released 22 Feb 1991
Publisher Hudson
Product ID HC91044
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1.1
Weight (kg) 0.11
A top class shooting game in every respect. Along with Granzört (1990) this is the best the Supergrafx has to offer.

PCE case inside cardboard sleeve, 8Mbit SG HuCard, colour manual.


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