Akumajō Dracula XX
21 July 1995

Konami must have been surprised by the runaway success that was the PC Engine Akumajō Dracula X (1993).
So surprised that they immediately set about making a similar game for the Super Famicom, probably working under the assumption that they'd really miss out if they didn't release a similar product on a more widely-spread platform.
But then we have a problem. Without CD-ROM technology the entire package suffers: the drama and cinematic presentation are seriously reduced, and as a result the simplicity of the game becomes apparent. It's not a bad game, far from it - but there is a distinct lack of variety, an awkwardly downgraded soundtrack and this niggling feeling that everything was hastily recycled: same enemy sprites, same main character, same overall concept - and worst of all the smooth playability is gone.
The backgrounds and stage layouts are completely new, but they suffer from being quite bland and repetitive. Konami should know better: fancy flaming backdrops are nice to look at, but they cannot save a game from tedium.
Taken as is, Dracula XX is a perfectly decent arcade / action game for the Super Famicom. It's when you compare it to the rest of the series that it falls a bit flat. What works well on one machine doesn't necessarily work on the other, and the Super Famicom has struggled time and time again with speedy arcade action games. Konami should have made more of an effort to adapt to the host platform. Play this immediately after the PC Engine version and it simply feels horrible.
Akumajō Dracula XX's only saving grace its stylish packaging and in-game art by Akihiro Yamada, and a seriously tough last boss.
Not bad, but not great either.



There are 3 different endings, depending on who you manage to 'rescue' along the way.
To get access to Maria and Annet, pick up the key in Stage 3. Maria is behind the locked door in Stage 4. At this point, keep the key and do not die! Unlock the door at the end of Stage 4 to access Stage 5' where Annet is held.

Richter Alone


Maria + Annet





Akumajō Dracula XX

Format Super Famicom
Released 21 July 1995
Publisher Konami
Size (cm) 19 x 10.5 x 3
Weight (kg) 0.16
The SFC Akumajō Dracula XX is a wasted opportunity in the context of the series as a whole, but it's still worth a try - if only for the ridiculously difficult Dracula fight.

Standard SFC packaging, 16MBit cartridge, colour booklet.

Akumajō Dracula XX Holy Bible Kanzen Kōryaku Guide
悪魔城ドラキュラXX ホーリーバイブル 完全攻略ガイド

Format Guide Book
Released 8 Aug 1995
Publisher Kodansha
Product ID ISBN4-06-329231-2
Size (cm) 21 x 14.8 x 0.7 (A5)
Weight (kg) 0.18
Clear and well-presented 'Complete Capture Guide' from Kodansha.
Features character introductions, item and weapon sections, a complete walkthrough of every stage and a brief 'History of Belmont's Family'.

82 pages, full colour, Japanese.


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