Akumajō Dracula [X68000]
悪魔城ドラキュラ [X68000版]

23 July 1993

The X68000 Akumajō Dracula is easily one of the most obscure chapters of the Akumajo Dracula series, mainly due to the miscellaneous format it was released on. It wasn't until 2001 that the game finally got mass exposure thanks to a 'Chronicles' re-issue pack for the PlayStation.
The X68000 was a high-end Japanese personal computer - a fast, game-friendly platform that just tops the Mega Drive in terms of performance (they both share the same Motorola 68000 CPU). The machine was never officialy distributed outside of Japan and even today remains a rare sight.
A crying shame - the machine played host to numerous high-quality arcade conversions, and Konami were just one of many houses to contribute to the format.
The X68000 Akumajo Dracula is a fast, crisp and entertaining rendition of Simon's original adventure - a much more satusfying 'remake' than the previous entry in the series, the Super Famicom Akumajo Dracula (1991).


The game is a fast-paced and compelling arcade / action title in the same vein as the original Akumajo Dracula (1986), and in many ways the Mega Drive Vampire Killer (1994) - it firmly abides to the series' tried-and-tested formula. In fact, as Dracula games go this one has quite a lot going for it.
The quest has been elongated to 8 levels (24 stages) and each one is full of surprising ups and downs, narrow escapes, hidden items and bizarre secrets. There's also a curious new sub-weapon on offer: the herb, that for the cost of 5 hearts will replenish a few units of energy.
Many might find a little too much deja-vu here - it is, after all, the second remake of a 1986 title... Yet in a strange way it's this shameless classicism, added to its perfectly balanced difficulty and speed, that make the game so appealing.
Appealing enough to warrant a fully-fledged re-release on PlayStation - a first of sorts, since most of the early entries in the series are available only on their original formats. Which is, to say the least, quite dumb - today the vast majority of the series is played through bootlegging or emulation, with Konami loosing more and more of their audience by the day. 'Deluxe Pack' collections and/or more re-issues are long overdue, but that is their decision and ultimate loss.
It's also a genuine shame since the PlayStation 'Castlevania Chronicle' offers an insight into what could be: it includes the original X68000 version and an enhanced 'Arrange' mode with remixed soundtrack. Completing both quests opens a brilliant 'Time Attack' mode and a nice 'Art Gallery' featuring all of the game's original artwork by Ayami Kojima.




Akumajō Dracula
Format X68000
Released 23 July 1993
Publisher Konami
Product ID RA960
Size (cm) 25.3 x 16.6 x 4.4
Weight (kg) 0.53
The X68000 Akumajō Dracula now ranks as one of the most valuable chapters of the series, second only to original arcade boards of Akumajō Dracula AC (1988).
A highly sought-after title, with a price point to match.

Large PC-style packaging, 2 x Floppy disks, colour manual.

Akumajō Dracula X

Format Audio CD
Released 3 Nov 1993
Publisher King Records
Product ID KICA-7622~23
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 2.4
Weight (kg) 0.21
Double-CD soundtrack set that covers the complete BGM collections of:
- Akumajō Dracula X [PCE] (1993)
- Akumajō Dracula [X68000] (1993)
- Vampire Killer [MD] (1994)
Another nice selection, another very valuable Dracula item!

Double-CD case, 2 x Audio CDs, colour booklet, spine card.

Akumajō Nendaiki Akumajō Dracula Original Soundtrack
悪魔城年代記 悪魔城ドラキュラ オリジナルサウンドトラック

Format Audio CD
Released 23 May 2001
Publisher Konami
Product ID KMCA-104~5
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
Released one day before the game itself, this double-CD set covers both the PlayStation 'Arrange' soundtrack and no less than 4 different renditions of the X68000 OST:
- Arranged Version
- Original Version
- MIDI Roland CM-64 Version
- MIDI Roland SC-55 Version
View [back] for playlist.

Twin CD case, 2 x audio CD (CD1 40 tracks, CD2 42 tracks), colour booklet, spine card.

Akumajō Nendaiki Akumajō Dracula
悪魔城年代記 悪魔城ドラキュラ

Format PlayStation
Released 24 May 2001
Publisher Konami
Product ID SLPM-86754
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1
Weight (kg) 0.10
'Castlevania Chronicle' re-release of the X68000 Akumajō Dracula for the PlayStation.
Features 3 different game modes ('Original, 'Arrange', and 'Time Attack') a remixed soundtrack, an interactive art gallery and bonus features.

CD case, PlayStation CD-ROM disc, 16-page colour manual, alternative cover card, spine card.

Akumajō Nendaiki Akumajō Dracula Kōshiki Guide
悪魔城年代記 悪魔城ドラキュラ
Format Guide Book
Released 27 Aug 2001
Publisher Konami / NTT
Product ID ISBN4-7571-8099-3
Size (cm) 21 x 14.8 x 0.5 (A5)
Weight (kg) 0.18
Comprehensive 'Official Guide' for the PlayStation re-release of the X68000 Akumajō Dracula.
Features full-page art gallery, complete photo-assembled level layouts (with every candle item listed), 'History', 'Discography', and 'Q&A' sections.

88 pages, full colour, in Japanese.



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