Action Fighter
アクション ファイター



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Classic Sega arcade action with Action Fighter, a 1986 release featuring vertical racing, shooting, and more.
It's a high-speed mix of Burnin' Rubber (1982) and a lot of shooting; with a healthy dose of originality thrown in.
There are 5 different vehicles available - the aim is to progress upwards while shooting enemies, and slowly reveal the stage map on the left of the screen. Motorbike and car sections link the 3 action stages (helicopter, buggy, water ski).
Though tough to get to grips with, Action Fighter delivers a lot of good moments when you get in the swing of it. Learning and knowing the course certainly helps, but the heart of the gameplay revolves around good old reflex dodging and collecting fuel.
It's a remarkable game when considered how early it came out. The backgrounds are colourful and detailed, and the gameplay remains crisp and playable to this very day.
The Sega Mark III version (17 Aug 1986) was also a fun game in its day, but now it only serves as an interesting example of how big a gap there was between arcade and home gaming in 1986.
Not Sega at their best, but a fun game nonetheless.



Action Fighter

Format Sega Mark III
Released 17 Aug 1986
Publisher Sega
Product ID G-1305
Size (cm) 14 x 10 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 0.12
The Mark III Action Fighter delivers a simplified but fun version of the arcade original.
A solid enough game for its time.

Cardboard Mark III packaging, 1Mbit cartridge, instructions booklet.


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