1941 Counter Attack
1941 カウンターアタック
Feb 1990

The 4th game of Capcom's 194X series moves away from its Pacific-themed predecessors and turns the clock back a few years, giving the action more of a European feel. Gone are the long days of dogfighting over the vast Pacific Ocean - now you must settle that score over Paris at night, and battle the boche in their own back yard.
The playfield is now laden with obstacles of all kinds, and the gameplay really benefits from this injection of variety. As well as dodging enemy fire the player must cope with ground-based obstacles, negotiate a way through weapon factories and skive between houses. Thankfully you cannot crash against walls, instead you spin around and fire a multi-directional wave of bullets - an interesting innovation since many targets are hiding behind walls or rocks.
And finally there is a 'charge blast', a powerful weapon enabled by holding the button for a few seconds - who, along with the new loop-the-loop smart bombs, make up a very delicately improved game engine.
1941 is a great ride: all 6 stages are rich and varied; and the gameplay is tense, superbly paced and taxing on the nerves. When it's all finally over, the overall experience feels nowhere near as repetitive as the previous games in the series. It manages to keep the pace and rhythm of 1943 (1987) while introducing a strong sense of drama: lavish scenery, enemies of all shapes and sizes, a smooth soundtrack, and a steady but overwhelming unconscious feeling that your really are on your way to take out some torrid evil - a serious threat to freedom, justice and the American Way of Life.
Surely enough, after about an hour of gunning down aircraft, tanks, rockets and crazy military machinery; you will ride off into the sunset thinking that maybe ham, cheese and coffee for breakfast isn't that bad an idea at all.



Arcade Flyer
PC Engine Supergrafx ver.

Final Fight
Format Audio CD
Released 21 May 1990
Publisher Pony Canyon
Product ID PCCB-00030
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 2.4
Weight (kg) 0.20
2CD 'Game Sound Music' soundtrack set from the Capcom 'Alfh Lyra' team, featuring the BGM collections of:
- Final Fight (1989)
- Senjō no Ōkami II (1990)
- 1941 (1990)
And the quiz titles:
- Capcom World (1989)
- Hatena? no Daibōken (1990)
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Double CD case, (CD1 64:39, CD2 70:56), booklet, spine card.

1941 Counter Attack
1941 カウンターアタック
Format SuperGrafx
Released 23 Aug 1991
Publisher Hudson
Product ID HC91048
Size (cm) 14.2 x 12.4 x 1.1
Weight (kg) 0.11
The 5th and final release on NEC's short-lived Supergrafx is a superb conversion of Capcom's 1941.
It's also by far the most valuable one of the lot - it must have had a really small print run.

Standard PCE case inside cardboard sleeve, 8Mbit SuperGrafx HuCard, colour booklet.


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